Taranaki District Golf Referees Association


We provide golf refereeing services to the Clubs and Membership of Taranaki


We aim  to uphold the integrity of the game of golf by ensuring the rules of golf are applied and upheld


We offer educational pathways for the rules of golf through rules courses, refereeing courses, and other teaching resources to the Taranaki District

Our vision is to provide the Taranaki District's Golf Clubs a facility to provide Golf Rules Education, Advice and Refereeing services.

Our association aims to expand the available experience through official training courses for all levels of Golf Rules expertise. We aim to provide courses from the level of providing a basic understanding of the rules of golf, through to the most advanced level of Golf Rules knowledge for refereeing and course set up.

Local Rules Advice

Contact us if you would like advice on your course setup and local rules. With the introduction of the 2019 Rules, there may be some local rules at your course that are no longer required or need updating to be in line with the new rules. We can also advise on which local rule to use when you have an unusual condition or cicurmstance to deal with on your course.

Rules Decisions

Have a rules situation you are not sure of? Contact one of our referees for a free ruling,

Rules Education

We provide various levels of rules education. From level one rules education through to referee level education.

Referee Services

If your club is hosting an event that requires referees, please contact us.